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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - November 17, 2019




BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER, 16 /SRNA/ - SNSD Deputy in the Republika Srpska National Assembly Srđan Mazalica has said that the decision of the Srpska Parliament to not participate in changing the Rules of Procedure of the BiH House of Representatives is binding for the SDS and PDP representatives, although they did not vote for that.


SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER, 17 /SRNA/ - Migrants arived to BiH to stay here, and a complex operation to settle them is ongoing under the watchful eye of the SDA and Bakir Izetbegović, says anti-terrorism expert Dževad Galijašević.


BELGRADE, NOVEMBER, 17 /SRNA/ - Serbian Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar said today that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has chronic, minor heart problems, but that his health condition worsened on Friday when he decided to see a doctor to the Military Medical Academy /MMA/.

BELGRADE, NOVEMBER, 16 /SRNA/ - The Chairman of the Serbia’s Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun said he has received information that investigations conducted by the Special Prosecutor's Office for KLA’s crimes are coming to the end.

PRIŠTINA, NOVEMBER, 17 /SRNA/ - The head of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army War Veterans’ /KLA/ Hysni Gucati said that the passports of some former KLA members were confiscated and the first indictments against them are expected soon.


RIJEKA, NOVEMBER, 17 /SRNA/ - Croatian Interior Minister Davor Božinović has said that during a police intervention as part of combating illegal migration in the Gorski Kotar area one migrant was seriously injured most likely from a firearm. /end/bo