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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - March 17, 2020




BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Alen Šeranić, stated today there were no new cases of coronavirus infection in Srpska, and
that the number of people under medical supervision is expected to increase.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - In Republika Srpska, 4,864 persons who arrived from coronavirus affected areas, are currently under medical supervision, 216 persons are no longer subjected to monitoring, while 20 persons are positive for coronavirus but are currently symptom-free, announced the Srpska Public Health Institute today.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Srđan Rajčević, the Republika Srpska minister of scientific and technological development, higher education and information society, issued an instruction to all higher education institutions in Srpska to approve the use of online platforms at higher education institutions in accordance with their technical capabilities.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Director of the Republika Srpska Pedagogical Institute, Predrag Damjanović, says that distance education, which began today for elementary school students via Radio Television of Republika Srpska /RTRS/, will be recorded in the history of education in Srpska.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Health Insurance Fund has announced that it is not necessary to verify health booklets until March 31, and that health care services will be available for all persons, insured and uninsured until then.

DOBOJ, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Doboj Hospital "St. Apostle Luke" has suspended regular surgical programmes and all non-urgent diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in order to prevent coronavirus from spreading, the hospital announced.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Banjaluka Mayor Igor Radojičić states there were no new cases of persons test positive for coronavirus in the Banjaluka city area by 3 p.m., but that the number of people under medical supervision, 940 of them, is on the rise.

ZVORNIK, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Zvornik Mayor Zoran Stevanović said today that, according to the Zvornik Border Police Unit in charge of Karakaj, Šepak, Bratunac and Skelani border crossings, 28 people have entered the area since the acute epidemiological measures have been introduced, who have been issued decision on home isolation.

SOKOLAC, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Sokolac Mayor Milovan Bjelica issued an order today banning all health care workers in this local community from leaving Republika Srpska during a state of emergency.

JEZERO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - In the municipality of Jezero, coronavirus preventive measures are being introduced, disinfection of all public areas, establishments and the outpatient clinic is underway, Mayor Snezana Ružičić told the press.

DOBOJ, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The management of the Republika Srpska Railways Company adopted, at its session today, an internal plan for the prevention, protection and control of coronavirus, which sets out measures and activities aimed at tackling the spread of infection at the workplace, as well as preventive protection measures for workers and the smooth continuity of company’s business operation, announced this public company.

BIJELJINA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Members of the veterans’ association of special forces of the Republika Srpska Army and Police are ready to assist Srpska institutions in the current crisis, reads a statement issued by the Bijeljina Veterans' Association "Panthers Guard" on behalf of the Veterans Associations Coordination.


SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The Council of Ministers made a decision today to declare the state of natural or other disaster in the territory of BiH, Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija said.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija spoke today with Đenan Salčin, Director at the BiH Public Procurement Agency about the possibilities of finding a solution to the difficult public procurement process, for which many complaints have been received.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency, Šefik Džaferović, and Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Johann Sattler, said in Sarajevo today that BiH institutions responded promptly and are taking a number of measures that should help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs at the Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, stresses the latest statements by former Foreign Minister Mirko Šarović regarding meat exports to Turkey are classic political scavenging.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Deputy Minister of Defence of the Council of Ministers, Mirko Okolić, told SRNA that the Ministry of Defence has already taken steps to respond promptly to coronavirus pandemic.


MOSTAR, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The first case of coronavirus infection has been confirmed in Mostar.

SARAJEVO, March 17 /SRNA/ - Federal inspectors have issued a total of 3,954 decisions at 15 border crossings to place passengers under medical supervision and isolation for a 14-day period, said Director of the Federal Inspection Administration, Anis Ajdinović.


BEIJING, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - China is ready to send emergency supplies and experts to Serbia and share experience in preventing and treating patients with Covid-19 for the purpose of concerted efforts to curb coronavirus epidemic.

KOSOVO MITROVICA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - North Kosovska Mitrovica Mayor Goran Rakić has asked the international community and representatives of the self-declared Kosovo Government to show how much they care about the rule of law by depriving extremists of south Mitrovica from liberty over the attack on police officers who were prevented the construction of an illegal embankment across the Ibar River.


PODGORICA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković said in a meeting with Western Balkan leaders that the coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to show unity and commitment to European values, and that closing markets and blocking resources are not in line with European behavior.


LONDON, March 17 /Reuters/ - Every state in Europe should take the boldest possible steps to end or slow the epidemic of Covid-19 disease, the World Health Organisation /WHO/ Regional Director Hans Kluge said today. /the end/