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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - March 17, 2020




BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Ministry of Education and Culture announced today that the timetable for broadcasting classes in the coming period will be determined in accordance with the Republika Srpska Radio Television’s Broadcasting Scheme, and that the teachers should follow the classes too, and to be available for clarification and to provide necessary assistance to students.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Inspectors of the Republika Srpska Inspectorate issued 2,100 decisions on 14-day-long isolation on the first day of twenty-four hours monitoring at border crossings to persons who arrived in BiH, the Republika Srpska Inspectorate told SRNA.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Banjaluka Mayor Igor Radojičić states there were no new cases of persons test positive for coronavirus in the Banjaluka city area, but that the number of people under medical supervision, which is 940, is on the rise.

DERVENTA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - In the Derventa municipality, 289 people are being monitored for coronavirus, two of them in strict isolation, most of whom have arrived from some European country, said Milena Bjegović Đujić, the head of the Hygienic-Epidemiological Service of the Dervent Health Centre.

BANJALUKA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - A meeting of SNSD and SP delegations, led by party leaders, Milorad Dodik and Petar Đokić, will be held tomorrow in Banjaluka.

EAST SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The international scientific and expert conference "Infoteh Jahorina 2020", which was supposed to start tomorrow, will not be held in the form of a public meeting, but in the form of online presentations of papers and lectures, Zoran LJuboje, the Chairman of the Organising Committee of the international scientific and expert conference, told SRNA.


SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - International Monetary Fund /IMF/ BiH Resident Representative, Andrew Juell, briefed Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija that the IMF has made a sum of $ 50 billion dollars available to all member states over declared coronavirus global pandemic and about EUR 165 million for BiH.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - BiH Parliamentary Assembly Speaker Denis Zvizdić and Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Johann Sattler agreed in Sarajevo today that coordinated activities were the best way to prevent coronavirus pandemic, but also an indicator that citizens' interest is, in relation to political disagreements, placed first.

SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The special session of the BiH Coordination Body for protecting and rescuing people and material property from natural and other disasters will be held tomorrow in Sarajevo, announced the Ministry of Security at the Council of Ministers.

BRČKO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The Brčko District has not confirmed a single case of coronavirus infection, with 319 people in self-isolation, the District Government announced.


SARAJEVO, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - At today’s telephone session, the FBiH Government today allocated BAM 30 million for medical treatment of coronavirus infected patients, which will be available to the university-clinical centres founded by FBiH.


BELGRADE, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - Epidemiologist Predrag Kon says he expects an increase in the number of coronavirus-infected patients in the coming days, but that it will be extraordinary if it can withstand the increase in the number of patients so far.

BELGRADE, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - His Eminence, Patriarch Irinej of Serbia, urged Serbian citizens to strictly adhere to prescribed measures in tackling coronavirus, and as an elderly citizen decided to show how it works.


BRUSSELS, March 17 /SRNA/ - The Socialist and Democratic Parliamentary Group in the European Parliament has asked the European Commission and EU member states to help the Western Balkan countries tackle coronavirus pandemic.

PODGORICA, MARCH 17 /SRNA/ - The Montenegrin Ministry of Health issued today, following a session of the National Infectious Diseases Coordinating Body, an order to take a new set of temporary measures to protect citizens from the spread of coronavirus and more recommendations to the state administration, the economy and the media.


ROME, MARCH 17 /SRNA-Reuters/ - The total number of coronavirus infected people in Italy, a country with the worst outbreak of virus in Europe, rose to 31,506, an increase of 12.6 percent, which is the slowest growth since February 21, when the disease outbroke. /end/vos