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BANJALUKA, MARCH 18 /SRNA/ - The Head of the Staff tasked with monitoring harmful consequences of the coronavirus outbreak on the economy in Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, said today the Government would help workers and companies which suffer damages from the coronavirus outbreak.


“We will prolong the payment of taxes until the end of June and this will pertain to business entities which suffer damages from the coronavirus outbreak. One of the measures is for commercial banks to put a moratorium on loan repayments,” Višković said after a meeting of the Staff.

Višković, who is also the Republika Srpska prime minister, asked companies not to lay off workers as there will be talks about how to help business entities.

“The Republika Srpska economy suffers damage, and how much it is and how much it will be we cannot say or know at the moment. The priority is to monitor the most endangered segments,” Višković said. /end/sg