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BANJALUKA, MARCH, 21 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has announced that a ban on movement in Republika Srpska will be in force from 8 pm to 5.00 in the morning to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


This will be monitored by Republika Srpska police and will continue as needed.

Dodik said that the minimum fine will be BAM 500, that some will be taken to jail and that it will be regulated who could move during that period.

"This is no game; no one is joking. There are no gatherings at private parties. We urge citizens to help us and to report", Dodik said.

He has pointed out that it is not any spying, it is about protecting public health.

"It was necessary to do this because there are individuals who behave irresponsibly and it is impossible to tolerate it", Dodik told Alternative Television.

According to him, borders cannot be closed for our citizens and expect a significant number of citizens to come.

He pointed out that several focal points were located, that there are no serious cases, and indicated that infected people should be helped.

Dodik also pointed out that persons aged above 65 should not leave their homes.

He has indicated to the seriousness and complexity of the situation and that the citizens of Banja Luka follow the recommendations.

"Citizens need to know that every effort is made to secure the market with food and drugs", Dodik pointed out, noting that there will be no general shortage.

He emphasized that it is evident that the economy will have huge problems, but also that makes everything to facilitate that. /end/bo