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BIHAĆ, MAY 13 /SRNA/ - A large number of migrants rioted in the Lipa migrant camp outside Bihać, damaging one of the police vehicles, therefore the police were forced to use firearms, i.e. to fire warning shots into the air.


Head of the Crime Police Department of the Una-Sana Canton Interior Ministry, Snezana Galić, told SRNA that it all started on Monday, May 11, at 1.30 am, when 200 to 300 migrants initiated a riot as, allegedly, they were not provided with medical assistance.

According to her, migrants from this centre were throwing stones and other objects at police officers and security workers, but noone was injured.

"In order to protect themselves and their lives, police officers fired two warning shots into the air at that moment, and additional police forces were sent to the centre to establish order," Galić said.

She points out that the situation in the camp is currently calm and quiet, and that cantonal MoI members are working on shedding light on this case and identifying the initiators of the riot.

Galić says that members of the Interior Ministry carry out relocation of migrants from public areas and abandoned buildings in Bihać on daily basis.

"We are taking them to the Lipa camp, and they keep returning. Migrants are interested in Bihać and the border, that is, the exit to EU countries," Galić pointed out, adding that two buses have transported migrants to this camp this morning. /end/vos