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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - May 14, 2020




BANJALUKA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - Speaker of the Republika Srpska National Assembly Nedeljko Čubrilović has said that the Serbian people, institutions and bodies of Republika Srpska will never give up the intention to determine accountability for the planned crime against JNA soldiers killed while withdrawing from Tuzla in keeping with a previously reached agreement to withdraw peacefully from the city.

BANJALUKA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović issued a decree on the Republika Srpska Compensation Fund and a decree amending and supplementing the Decree on Tax Measures aimed to cushion the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy.

BANJALUKA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Government adopted today a revised budget amounting to BAM 3.613 billion, which is BAM 188 million more than the original budget, Finance Minister Zora Vidović said.

BANJALUKA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Government today approved spending plans for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for the period January 1-June 30 amounting to some BAM 8.4 million which will be transferred to the Republika Srpska Institute of Public Health for curbing the spread of the coronavirus in Srpska.

BANJALUKA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Finance Minister Zora Vidović has said that the Government has not yet discussed a possibility to provide monetary aid to media outlets, but that her personal opinion is that such aid should be provided given that the job of the media was very difficult during the coronavirus epidemic.

BANJALUKA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska HQ for Emergency Situations today decided to lift a ban on movement for persons over 65 years of age in Republika Srpska, Minister of Education and Culture of Srpska Natalija Trivić said.

BANJALUKA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The Prointer ITSS Company has announced that in only three days, some twenty businessmen applied for their project of support to micro companies and entrepreneurs in Republika Srpska whose business operations have been made difficult due to the coronavirus epidemic.

VLASENICA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The German humanitarian organization "Help" today donated protective equipment and disinfectants worth around BAM 20,000 to the Health Center in Vlasenica.


SARAJEVO, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - Speaker of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly Nebojša Radmanović has told Srna that he expects Miloš Lučić to be appointed minister of human rights and refugees in the Council of Ministers and Nedeljko Jović to be appointed deputy minister of security in the Council of Ministers at a Council meeting tomorrow and that the Council of Ministers will finally be completed.

SARAJEVO, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The Finance and Budget Commission of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly supported a proposal by Šemsudin Mehmedović who asked that as long as the House of Representatives is blocked, salaries do not be paid to members of Parliament for a month in which the House did not hold at least one session and that a salary does not be paid to a parliament member for a month in which they did not attend at least one session of the House.

SARAJEVO, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The Ministry of Finance and Treasury in the Council of Ministers informed today the BiH Central Election Commission that it cannot support the Commission’s request to allocate funds from current reserves for the financing of local elections this year.

SARAJEVO, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers Bisera Turković and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi discussed activities the two countries undertook to curb the spread of the coronavirus and announced plans for economic recovery, says a press release from the Foreign Ministry.


SARAJEVO, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The FBiH Government adopted today amendments and supplements to the Labor Law according to which workers cannot be furloughed by a unilateral decision of the employer and that their wages during the state of accident, instead of earlier proposed reduction of 75%, must not be lower than the lowest wage in the FBiH.


BELGRADE, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - The Serbian Government today adopted amendments to the decision on the protocol for entry of Serbian citizens into the country during the coronavirus epidemic which stipulates that Serbian citizens who entered the country without a PCR test can be tested during the self-isolation and if they test negative, they can end self-isolation.


CETINJE, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - His Grace Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Amfilohije today sent a message to those in power in Montenegro demanding that they urgently release from jail Bishop of Budim and Nikšić Joanikije and priests, and that divisions and conflicts be halted.

BIJELJINA, MAY 14 /SRNA/ - Franjo Tuđman /1922-1999/, whose birthday, May 14, is celebrated by Croatia, resolved the “Serbian question” in Croatia in keeping with the recipe of Ante Starčević and Ustashe – he expelled the one third of Serbs that remained after the genocide committed against them in the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/. By Nenad TADIĆ /end/sg