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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - January 4, 2021




BANJALUKA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković says that BiH, and thus Republika Srpska, is in the Covax programme for the procurement of Covid 19 vaccines therefore expecting 400,000 doses to arrive in Srpska in the first quarter of this year.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Advisor to the Minister of Labour, Republika Srpska War Veterans and Disabled Persons Protection, General Milan Torbica, will attend on Tuesday in the village of Kravica near Bratunac the marking of 28 years since the suffering of Serbs from that and surrounding villages, organised by the Bratunac Municipal War Veterans Organisation.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - President of the Association of Republika Srpska Women Victims of War, Božica Živkovicć Rajilić, states that Srpska is the only true protector of the Serb people in this area, which is why Serbs are happy to exist.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska paid BAM 1,684,993 on Monday for agricultural incentives.

FOČA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Foča Mayor Milan Vukadinović says on the occasion of raising the issue of the constitutionality of constructing three hydroelectric power plants on the Drina river in the area of this local community, as a joint project of Srpska and Serbia, that such cooperation is guaranteed by the Constitution and that Upper Drina hydropower plants system is a great development opportunity.

JAHORINA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - East Sarajevo municipal authorities’ representatives signed an agreement with the representatives of the Jahorina Olympic Centre on Mount Jahorina on Monday, which enables free skiing for children from the city area.

BIJELJINA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Bijeljina Mayor Ljubiša Petrović sent Monday an invitation for to all newly elected councilors in the City Assembly, as well as to the leaders of city committees of all parties that have representatives in the local parliament.

MODRIČA, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Modriča Mayor Jovica Radulović signed scholarship agreements on Monday with 65 new students in the 2020/2021 school year.

VIŠEGRAD, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Workers of the Hydropower Plants in the Drina River Basin company should start removing floating waste on Tuesday, which is located on the crown of the dam of the Višegrad Hydroelectric Power Plant, which floated there by breaking the upper chain, which endangers the production of electricity, the company told SRNA.


SARAJEVO, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - His Eminence Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabar-Bosnia called on all people not to lose heart in the difficult conditions and troubles caused by CKovid 19 pandemic, and sorrow and grief over everything that happened last year.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Christmas oak tree was traditionally brought Monday into the office of the Serb member and chairman of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, in the BiH Presidency building in Sarajevo.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, says that a series of earthquakes that has recently hit Croatia is an additional argument in disputing Trgovska Gora as a possible site for storing radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Minister of Human Rights and Refugees in the Council of Ministers Miloš Lučić visited Monday Borislav Berjan, whose house in the Sarajevo settlement of Doglodi was burned down three days ago, and announced that he would provide adequate assistance in the coming period in order to reappear his house.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - The Bosnia and Herzegovina Court has confirmed the indictment against the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalić and others in the Respirators case for pooling for abuse of office, receiving gifts for trading in influence, money laundering and forgery.


SARAJEVO, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Deputy Defence Minister in the Council of Ministers Mirko Okolić tells SRNA that the BiH Armed Forces and the line ministry provided tents, blankets and sleeping bags for migrants in the Lipa refugee camp, but that no one will take over setting up tents yet, which is why they are currently being secured by military police members.

POSUŠJE, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Six of the eight young people who tragically lost their lives on New Year's Eve were buried Monday in Rakitno, near Posušje.


BELGRADE, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Serbia confirmed another 39 deaths and 2,715 cases of coronavirus infection out of 11,000 laboratory samples tested in the past 24 hours,, the Ministry of Health of Serbia announced Monday.

BELGRADE, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - Belgrade City joined the humanitarian action of collecting aid for the Serb village of Majske Poljane outside Glina in Croatia and appealed to individuals and companies to help people who lost practically everything in the earthquake, the City Administration announced Monday.


ZAGREB, JANUARY 4 /SRNA/ - 12 out of a total of 30 containers for accommodating victims of devastating earthquake that hit this area on December 29 should be delivered to the area of Glina and Petrinja on Monday, the Serb National Council /SNC/ announced.


BERLIN, JANUARY 4 /SRNA-Reuters/ - The situation in German hospitals is "extremely difficult" due to new cases of coronavirus infection, said the spokesman of the German government, Steffen Seibert. /end/vos