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ROGATICA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - On this day 15 years ago, SFOR Italian carabinieri killed Rada Abazović /47/ on her doorstep in the village of Bjelogorica near Rogatica and seriously wounded her minor son Dragoljub and husband Dragomir.


The attack by international military forces on the house of the Abazović family was carried out in the early morning of January 5, 2006.

Carabinieri surrounded the house and started shooting. Rada was fatally wounded in the attack. Members of the Italian SFOR contingent were not allowing medical aid to be provided to the wounded women for two hours.

When they realized that the wounded woman is barely alive, carabinieri allowed the Rogatica ambulance to approach her. The first aid was provided to her in the Rogatica Health Center, from which she was transferred to the Foča Hospital.

Rada Abazović died of injuries on the operating table during a surgery.

Serious injuries were inflicted on her 11-year-old son Dragoljub and husband Dragomir, who was shot in the head.

It turned out that SFOR attacked the Abazović family by mistake as they searched for another person, but did not want to admit to what really happened in the attack.

Soldiers of the international "peace" forces even claimed they were "defending" themselves, as, allegedly, the late Rada and her son Dragoljub shot at them from automatic weapons and that Dragomir shot himself in the head.

In June 2006, the East Sarajevo District Prosecutor's Office refuted these allegations as it determined that Rada and her son did not shoot, and that Dragomir was wounded in the head by a 9-mm pistol, which the Italian carabinieri carried. But, despite all this, no one has been brought to justice for this crime.

All attempts by the family, which hired two lawyers, to get justice and bring the killers of Rada Abazović to court were futile. The Abazović family is even denied the right to appeal, so they will not get any compensation. /end/sg