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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - January 5, 2021




BANJALUKA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović wished a Merry Christmas to all Orthodox faithful who celebrate it according to the Julian calendar, wishing that this the most joyous Christian holiday bring love, spiritual peace and hope for progress and a better tomorrow to their homes, in the spirit of customs and religious tradition.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković sent today Christmas greetings and expressed the hope that the Feast of Jesus's Birth will mark the end of the menace that hit the world last year and be a herald of the normalization of life.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Minister of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska Natalija Trivić has said that the aim is that schools in ten years become a place of happy and satisfied children, with interactive approach to learning and where more attention will be paid to interests and talents of students who, after completing education, will have knowledge that can be applied in practice and everyday life. By Bojan REČEVIĆ

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Minister of Transport and Communications of Republika Srpska Đorđe Popović resigned this morning, the line Ministry confirmed to Srna.

BANJALUKA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - No one can abolish Republika Srpka as it was confirmed by the Dayton Peace Accords, said president of the Republika Srpska Organization of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians Veljko Lazić.

ROGATICA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - On this day 15 years ago, SFOR Italian carabinieri killed Rada Abazović /47/ on her doorstep in the village of Bjelogorica near Rogatica and seriously wounded her minor son Dragoljub and husband Dragomir.


SARAJEVO, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija feels that there are fifty-fifty chances of reaching an agreement on a new BAM 1.5 billion arrangement with the International Monetary Fund and that it seems to him that negotiations are conducted under aggravated conditions and that there is no direct communication.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers, Staša Košarac, who is also a high ranking SNSD official, has said that SDS president Mirko Šarović does not have a right to hold political lectures to anyone or threaten that his party will take over power at any level.


MOSTAR, JANUARy 5 /SRNA/ - The Serb List "Remain Here - Together for Our Mostar" is satisfied with results of the local elections because a councilor who will truly represent the interests of the Serbian community will sit in the Council after almost 30 years, and who will at the same time commit to rights of every citizen and city's reconstruction, said the first candidate on the List, Velibor Milivojević /SNSD/, who took a seat in the City Council.

SARAJEVO, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Goran Broćeta, a member of the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament, told Srna today that FBiH institutions should finally help Serbs who are discriminated against in that entity in all important segments of life relative to the other two peoples.

SARAJEV, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - During the night, 125 samples were tested for the coronavirus at the Sarajevo University Clinical Center of which 12 returned positive results and two persons died from the infection.


BIJELJINA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - The United Nations announced that on this day in 2001, "evidence of radioactivity was discovered in eight of the 11 areas that were tested in Kosovo."

BELGRADE, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selaković has pointed out the importance of preservation of peace and stability in the region in terms of the economic development of Serbia, but also in terms of aid to the Serbian people no matter where they live.

BELGRADE, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - Commenting on a TV spot of the US Embassy in Belgrade "You are the World," in which a sentence from academic Borislav Pekić was inadequately used, the president of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts of Serbia /SANU/, academic Vladimir Kostić, has said that it seems to him that this is a sort of a media dressage.


BANJALUKA, JANUARY 5 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Hydrometeoroligical Institute published on its website that a 3.4 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter in the area of Petrinja in Croatia was registered this morning. /end/sg